descargar motion sports kinect xbox 360

Descargar motion sports kinect xbox 360

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Descargar motion sports kinect xbox 360

In MotionSports, your real movements are mapped onto your in-game character. This feeling of vapidity is just one of the many issues in MotionSports. In football, you have to duck to dodge diving tackles or high hurdles. There were numerous occasions in which I would duck but nothing would happen.

Boxing was also incredibly unresponsive. I would throw punch after punch that would go completely unnoticed, which would usually -- as you might suspect -- lead to my inevitable defeat in the match. One can assume that earning medals and performing well unlocks content, but some sort of progress indicator would have been greatly appreciated.

Even a symbol noting which challenges have already been completed would have helped the fluidity of the experience. Although I commend the announcer on his energy, the pre-canned lines would often play out at the wrong times, repeat too frequently, or actually address me the player as the wrong sex.

Despite these many troubling problems, MotionSports has a few redeeming qualities. I found the hang gliding challenges, while slowly paced, to be fun and more accurate in their handling than the rest of the package.

In hang gliding, you move through a series of aerial gates while trying to maintain speed and altitude. This mini-game requires a delicate touch but it was surprisingly refreshing compared to the rest of the offerings. Horseback riding was also enjoyable. Turning your horse was accurate and it also called for precise input to properly proceed through the course.

It should be noted, though, that constantly flicking the reigns and hopping around will make you look really silly. Most of the challenges in MotionSports have multiplayer, which includes split-screen options for certain events and four-player hot seat options for others. If you want a charming sports title, with replayability, humour by the bucket-load and a great use of motion controls, MotionSports is not that title.

Worth Playing. Official Xbox Magazine UK. Otherwise, we suggest leaving this one on the sidelines. Maybe Motionsports original idea, to make use of Kinect possibilites to offer a varied set of sport challenge. With deeply flawed motion controls and a number of other issues, MotionSports fumbles all its potential. Why bother playing this mess of a game when you could be playing Kinect Sports instead? User Reviews.

Write a Review. Positive: 1 out of 5. Mixed: 0 out of 5. Negative: 4 out of 5. I think this game has to be played multi, even if it deliver also some refreshing experience in solo. Ubisoft MUST be trying to ruin their good name Every other sport in MotionSports has absolutely terrible controls that do not behave in a reliable way. Occasionally they seem to work, but only enough to cause frustration when you try to repeat the same movement and the game fails to recognize it. If you want to play sports games with Kinect, but you want to actually enjoy the experience, pass on this title and buy yourself a copy of Kinect Sports.

The controls are terrible, which is a shame because if it had had a bit more polish i was incredibly dissapointed about how poor this game is. The game is Barely playable. Most of the movement you make are not even registered on the crappy game, preventing you to complete a single task. The only Pro is graphics. The con? Everything else!!!! But holy crap this game sucks. Playing penalty shootout on this game is torture.

And when I take it it fricken goes over the bar.

descargar motion sports kinect xbox 360
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