moto racer 4 descargar videos

Moto racer 4 descargar videos

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Moto racer 4 descargar videos

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Focus Home Interactive Games. Frostbite 3 Games. It takes approximately thirty seconds to load a track and about another 15 to load the menus between races. The problem here is that most races are two to four short laps in the championships. This gripe also spills over a bit into the difficulty settings. The graphics here are very nice, bright, and clean.

I really liked how playing a level in different environmental conditions will make the track look completely different. Energetic announcing, revving engines, fast-paced music and screeching tires make this a loud game - even with the volume low. There are settings within the game for enabling, disabling, and controlling volume for sound effects, music, and the announcer.

Twenty-nine pages that do exactly as they were intended to do: instruct. I would recommend at least reading through the track and championship editing before attempting to build your own.

Moto Racer 2 is a simple game to operate and a lot of fun to play. The track design feature is really nice in a world of predefined-course-only racing games.

Other than the bit of patience required while waiting between levels loading, this game is solid and scads of fun to play which is why I give it a score of Okay, this is about the fifth time I have sat down to write this review. If you are reading this via GameFabrique, I have succeeded. Why has it been so hard? Well, let me tell you First, I made excuses like I needed to go back in and take some more screenshots for the review.

When that ploy stopped working and I had screen shots , I figured I needed to test the interface thoroughly. What it boils down to is that this game is fun. This is one of those games. This game is … er, wait. This is where I am supposed to provide all sorts of flowery words that describe how this game plays.

If you have ever seen a similar game how many racing games are out there? The goal is to finish first. You usually obtain the honor of being first by driving faster than others drive on the track. Simple … yet eloquent enough to back up my "fun" argument. This year Delphine gives us many more tracks. Combine all these with the ability to mirror and reverse existing tracks and the ability to create your own with the included track editor, well … more on that later. You also have your choice of eight unique bikes.

In reality, you have just two bikes with which you can modify things like acceleration, speed, road grip, and braking. Additionally, you can alter the race by changing the weather and time of day. Who cares? My opinion would be based on driving dirt bikes through the wheat fields of Idaho to deliver yet another warm Dr. The controls are all quite adequate. Since it still hurts a tad when I reach for my coffee cup, I figured I would try Moto Racer 2 with a force-feedback joystick.

Now let me be the first to say that I am in the camp of those who believe force-feedback is not quite there yet. I think that if I were to wipe out in Moto Racer 2 , the stick should jump off the desk, slap me upside the head, swing around behind me and deftly box my ears.

Once I am incapacitated, it should flip back in front of me, tweak my nose and then knee me quickly in the groin. This would leave me in a disadvantageous fetal position under my desk. It should then jump on my back and put me in a sleeper hold. As I drift off to unconsciousness, only then will I truly realize the consequences of crashing in this game. Past attempts to artificially recreate this environment have only given me strange looks from my wife as I tried to teach her the sleeper hold.

Control via the keyboard or a gamepad works out quite nicely as well. My advice to you, though, is to make sure you assign an easy-to-reach button or key to the Stunt-Turbo-O-Rama function.

Mastering this maneuver is the key to finishing first each time. However there is always a however , I would be doing you a huge disservice if I went on and on about how great this game is without finding one thing wrong. The thing that truly bugged me the most is something that I really had not cared about in past games. The interface is atrocious. Moving screen to screen is about the only intuitive option presented to you.

Icons without text serve to confuse users when they try simply to change the difficulty level or choose how many people are going to race against each other. Pausing the game to bring up the game options is another frustrating turn of events. I would have liked to see the same pre-game option screen within the game after pausing. Instead, they give you this sort of side-shuffle cascading options menu that is slow and causes your mouse to jump all over.

The only saving grace is that the interface once learned is quick to skip through and get to the best part of Moto Racer 2 -- the "fun" part, if you will. If you think that the steps needed to start a race are convoluted, wait until you try to create your own track with the track editor. This track editor is flawed in many aspects, but most annoyingly fails the coveted rule of all track editors: they MUST allow you to create your own untimely demise.

Well, maybe you can do all of these, but the interface is so tricky that you might never get to that point. It was a noble effort, but its limitations may keep it from being worth anything but a bullet point on the back of the box. The bevy of multiplayer options is there, including up to four people participating at the same machine. Better get out that extend-o-keyboard.

Although trust me when I tell you that two subwoofers are far worse than one in appeasing the better half. You may have even skipped down here to see how many frames per second I could quote. Whether or not the Z-buffer offered up the correct amount of fleshy gloss across the 3D-rendered landscape.

Well, let me tell ya, stop worrying about all this stuff and play the darn game! If you did skip directly to this section, I can rightly guess that you spend so much time tweaking your 3D graphics subsystem that you hardly have time to play a game.

You feel that the amount of polygons you can texture is inversely proportional to the number of frags you can score when over-clocking your contacts. Relax … no one cares when you are negotiating a corner at high speeds. The game was completely beautiful When I finally got my Voodoo2-based card, well, guess what? I noticed no difference. The game was still beautiful and was still fun.

Seem impossible? There are a couple of notable details that should not go unmentioned. Take a close look at the included screenshots and pretend that you are actually driving through these at MPH. However again, yeah I know , what is the deal with the use of lens flare? Can anyone tell me what is so ultra-realistic about providing this Scooby-snack in about every 3D game out there? I jumped up and closed my blinds, thinking the glare from the sun was reflecting off my face shield.

Nope, still there. Was I playing a game or was I providing cinematography for a major sports network?

I switched views to the "behind the handlebars" scheme. Only then did the sunlight reflect properly off my shiny gas tank and windscreen. All was right with the world, and I drove on. The sound and music are both fine. Well, maybe I could say they were both pretty good. The music was awesome. Kudos to EA for being the first publishing company I can remember to give proper details on the in-game talent. Not only do they give the names of the bands involved, but links to their web sites and snail-mail addresses to the record company are mentioned as well.

If you liked the music in Full Throttle , you will love this. Oh, EA? If you are reading this, could you have that announcer guy be a little less scary? I still jump when he comments on my ride and current progress. Just take note. I recommend: Full-body leather jumpsuit, Evel Knievel colors, preferably. Subwoofer with separate volume controls—essential if you are married. The book was fine. It did help me find out who did the music and some of the confusing things with the interface.

With the track editor, well, it may help, but I probably will never go in there again.

moto racer 4 descargar videos
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