selena dreaming of you album descargar videos

Selena dreaming of you album descargar videos

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Selena dreaming of you album descargar videos

She came in and we hit it off actually. I just felt like I had gotten a new friend. It was very comfortable.

They loved it. But in feeling that way, I remember nights just with a Walkman cassette player and the headphones on, in bed, in the dark, just the song on loop. When she got the demo of that song, she just had that thing on loop in her headphones in bed falling asleep with it.

The next day, we go to the studio and she had been working things out in her head. She got to try them out and pretty much everything that she tried out made it onto the track. Now she had one under her belt. Thomas: When we were recording the record, I left [the Spanish section] up to her. But I just left it up to her to say whatever felt natural. But even during recording the vocal, I would do my own Spanish, whatever it was I was doing, and she would just get so tickled over that.

After we did the vocal, Selena went to the grocery store and bought food and brought it back to the studio. And she saw Selena in the kitchen cooking and she just assumed that she was our chef at the studio. And so she goes, "Hey, would you mind cooking for us too, if I go buy groceries? We laughed. With "I Could Fall in Love" under her belt, she begins work on the rest of the tracks—including one with David Byrne of Talking Heads fame intended for inclusion in the film Don Juan DeMarco , in which she made a cameo—over a busy few weeks in March.

The tape came back with her vocal on it and I was knocked out—it lifted the song to another level. I was thrilled What she did was brilliant. She essentially answered my lyric phrases with Spanish versions, saying more or less the same thing. So it made the song a conversation—and very seductive when she starts singing "dance with me" in Spanish. Sadly, the movie decided not to use the song. I was sad, a little pissed off too. I offered it to the movie Blue In The Face later on.

The conceit of that soundtrack was that all the music came from Brooklyn—and given that Brooklyn has a huge Latin population, that is somewhat feasible. It felt like she was in the thick of it and our recording session was just another event she had to attend and get through this busy day; but after listening to the track she was about to lay her vocals onto, she stepped right up to the microphone and in no time was focused on the thing she does best.

She sang beautifully and did the song justice, unaffected by her heritage of a different tongue or working with people she did not know, It was wonderful. I remember she recorded that one in Corpus [Christi, Tx. She called, and she I was in the studio plenty of times with her, her with me.

I was busy doing that thing. And she was like, "Are you sure? And I know she did love it, you know, and she did give it her all and I think it comes across when you hear the song, for sure. As Selena demanded to see the documents Saldivar was withholding, Saldivar drew a gun on her and fired as Selena tried to get away, hitting her in the right lower shoulder and severing an artery.

Selena made it to the lobby before collapsing. Doctors at the Corpus Christi hospital tried to revive her, but she dead upon arrival. Saldivar was later found guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison. She is up for parole in I said, "What?! But someone, with Selena, someone that she trusted. Someone that was the head of her fan club, that professed to be her friend. A terrible tragedy. The decision is made, however, to forge ahead and finish what had been recorded for a posthumous release.

So to be around the voice at that particular time was f--king—it was really painful. To the point to where I just would ask to not even have that vocal going on, you know, just pop it in here and there so I knew where I was in the song.

That was a tough one. I hope I never have to do that again. I think at the same time we were talking about going out and doing some kind of tribute tour. And that was the last time really that we all played together…I think that was the last time that we all actually played together.

And it was sad, you know, but we did not end up going with that and then the record came out and the rest is history. Carcacha 8. Bidi Bidi Bom Bom Si Una Vez Chico del Apartamento Ya Ves No Quiero Saber Mix Baila Esta Cumbia Como La Flor La Carcacha No Debes Jugar La Llamada Amor Prohibido No Me Queda Mas Fotos Y Recuerdos El Chico Del Apartamento Techno Cumbia 3 Tu, Solo Tu Siempre Hace Frio I Could Fall In Love Dreaming Of You My Love 2.

I Could Fall in Love 3. Captive Heart 4. Dreaming of You 7. Missing My Baby 8. Only Love Million to One Where Did the Feeling Go? Is It the Beat? Boy Like That Always Mine Feelings 2. Tu Solamente Tu 4. Tu No Sabes 5. Que 6.

selena dreaming of you album descargar videos
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