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Midnattsol where twilight dwells descargar google

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Midnattsol where twilight dwells descargar google

No speed changes, no time signature differences, and certainly no blastbeats can be found here. This album is very atrocious and does not grow on you over time. Avoid this album if you like good vocals and real metal.

This is not even worth downloading. The band is listed here as "folk metal" in part, and far be it from me to criticise that listing. On the harder numbers, Midnattsol sounds more like a standard-issue gothic metal act.

Such folk influence as there is, incidentally, sounds very Celtic in parts. There are multi-tracked vocals, Carmen almost seems to have adopted an Irish accent on songs like "Desolation" my pick of the ballads, incidentally, partly because it has a stronger backing , soft acoustic guitars and so forth. I mentioned "harder numbers" a moment ago, and this is definitely the case. The guitar is significantly more prominent in the mix than I expected.

This is the case on each one of the harder tracks. Readers familiar with the work of Jon Anderson of Yes - who famously sings very impressionistic lyrics designed more to sound in a certain way rather than express concrete ideas - will probably have some idea of what I mean here. Equal parts haunting acoustic melody and surprisingly heavy power metal, Where Twilight Dwells shows the band is capable of pulling off the coveted combination with ease where so many other bands of similar style founder.

Impressively consistent songwriting shows the rest of the band is certainly capable of handling their instruments as well, as the rhythm section pounds away in "Another Return" and sets a slower pace for the numerous ballads on the album, notably "Unpayable Silence" and the native-tongued "Pa Leting.

Considering that this is hardly the first band the members have found themselves in together, the latter seems highly unlikely. Couple the structure with the inordinate number of saccharine ballads and an irritating mouth harp, and repeated listens become painful. Rather, Where Twilight Dwells is a calculated recording, made so consistent with the intent to prove that the band is neither another female-fronted folk band nor another Nightwish knockoff, but is an outfit with something original to say.

Metal Archives loading Username Password Login. Bands alphabetical country genre Labels alphabetical country Reviews R. Midnattsol also manage to throw in a few acoustic songs which befit the album rather well. I have to say I hold out a lot of hope for this band. As a debut, its really not a bad one, but there is still a lot of room for development here.

Midnattsol need to get some more distinguishable songs and not be too scared to make their numbers even more folky. Gothic Metal is not altogether an unforgiving genre and the next time round they could actually come up with something pretty special. There is a lot of potential here, and watching it grow should — justifiably — be a satisfying process. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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midnattsol where twilight dwells descargar google
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