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Viniloversus amnesia invokana descargar play

Everything, from the sort of life you lived to the relationships you had, is a complete blank. A young boy named Orion appears in front of you, revealing himself to be a spirit attached to your mind. He is only 18 years old, but has a very serious and cold demeanor that frequently causes conflicts with others his age. Oftentimes, he appears aloof and indifferent, but he is actually very affectionate and cares deeply for you.

He is a senior in high school, and is currently preparing for university entrance exams. He is 22 years old and is currently enrolled in a nearby university.

Having given up on a genuine relationship, he lives the life of a playboy, indulging in the transient pleasures it brings. Despite his looks and popularity, Ikki is really a kind and sincere man. He is normally very confident in his convictions and in the results of his relentless analysis of others; however, it seems as if he is unable to maintain the same composure when he is around you.

His tendency to logically dissect every action makes him a difficult companion, especially among females. Being your oldest friend from childhood, he has naturally assumed the role of your big brother. Toma has always kept an eye on you from a close distance, and takes on the responsibility of caring for you after you collapse on the road outside of your apartment.

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