como descargar roms para n3ds homebrew

Como descargar roms para n3ds homebrew

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Como descargar roms para n3ds homebrew

Getting homebrew on your 3DS has never been easier! All you need is one or more of the following titles and a bit of patience. It still works on You can grab the right otherapp payload for your console below on this page. This can either be done by first using another hax method to run the oot3dhax installer, or by directly writing a raw savegame image to your gamecard. For the former option, you can find the installer in the homebrew starter kit.

You will need to download the right otherapp payload for your console, which you can grab below on this page. Currently, initial installation for this can only be done if you or one of your friends already has access to homebrew. To get supermysterychunkhax, you can follow the instructions from its official webpage. Do note that this is currently the least convenient method of running homebrew, and will likely be best suited to installing a more permanent setup such as ironhax see above.

NOTE : unfortunately the latest version of Ironfall can no longer run ironhax. Only those who downloaded Ironfall before September will be able to run ironhax.

NOTE : it is currently possible to download the original still vulnerable version of Ironfall by using homebrew. To do this, simply install browserhax see above , and use it to download the old version of IronFall by starting the "eShop - old version downloader" application in homebrew menu and downloading IronFall like your normally would. Much like tubehax, ironhax requires that your console be on a firmware version between 9.

Unlike tubehax and ninjhax however, IronFall is not "self-sufficient" : you will need either tubehax or ninjhax to perform the initial ironhax install. First go down to the "preparing your SD card" section and follow those steps, then come back.

NOTE : the following steps might be slightly confusing to some people. Run IronFall at least once before continuing. Setup an initial way to run homebrew on your system, such as tubehax or ninjhax. If you installed ninjhax a while ago, please uninstall it and reinstall it! Your version might be outdated; installing ironhax requires ninjhax 2. Download the ironhax installer. Anuncios Google. Que soporte damos a juegos comerciales. Requisitos: Nuestra consola Nintendo 3DS. Requisitos: RopInstaller.

Se mostraran 3 archivos, RopInstaller, RopInstaller. Una vez hecho esto, copiamos a la microSD el archivo RopInstaller. Extraemos la tarjeta SD de nuestra consola y copiamos en ella el archivo Lancher.

Colocamos nuevamente la tarjeta SD en nuestra consola. Requisitos: Archivo Launcher. Gateway Installer.

Por favor,activa el JavaScript! Tudo para Android. Roms Nintendo 3DS. Animal Crossing - New Leaf. Attack on Titan Humanity in Chains. Batman - Arkham Origins Blackgate. Bravely Default.

Bravely Second End Layer. Castlevania - Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate. Cave Story 3D. Corpse Party. Dead or Alive Dimensions.

Disney Magical World. Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. Fantasy Life. Final Fantasy Explorers. Fire Emblem - Awakening. Fire Emblem Fates - Conquest. Hyrule Warriors Legends. Inazuma Eleven 3 - Bomb Blast. Inazuma Eleven 3 - Lightning Bolt. Inazuma Eleven Go - Light. Kirby - Triple Deluxe.

como descargar roms para n3ds homebrew
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