descargar atr 42 500 para fsx tweaks

Descargar atr 42 500 para fsx tweaks

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Descargar atr 42 500 para fsx tweaks

After over 15, man hours of work, research, and planning, Flight One Software is excited to present the ATR The work pays off with one of the most detailed add-ons ever produced for the Microsoft Flight Simulator platform.

Experience the fully functional and highly detailed virtual cockpit with many never before features, such as truly working windshield wipers that remove the rain from the windows. Take a stroll through the virtual cabin, checking out the detailed 3D interior including 2 different seating configurations, available in 4 different color schemes.

Explore the 3D exterior model and listen to the real cockpit and engine sounds recorded from the real ATR in a runup in Toulouse.

Please note that the FSX version does not contain the 2D fixed quartering cockpit views as shown in the 6th picture down on the right , as these are no longer supported in FSX. Download Information The purchase screen will appear when you run the executable. Use the "Click Here to Reinstall" button in the purchase screen if you are installing the other version. Either can be purchased first. Since this product has now been released with Windows 10 compatiblility for FSX, it is important you note the following when using with FSX on Windows You may see a few graphics anomolies such as transparent props in front of clouds from an external view.

The product is not compatible with DirectX 10 Preview Mode. Your system fonts must be set to the standard default font size with the slider all the way to the left. For download customers, please reinstall from the full download above.

It is VERY important you follow the instructions carefully in the update below. Look for Instructions. Flight1 has set up a special web site dedicated to the ATR. Here you will be able to get the latest information and news on the product, see many additional screenshots not shown here, retrieve accessory downloads, get technical support, and discuss the ATR with other virtual ATR pilots. A Ultimate XP. Rotate - MD Pro. X-Life Deluxe. Airport Oslo XP. Airbus A Airliner. NavDataPro - Single dataset.

Boeing ER Professional. Ultimate Terrain X - Europe. Airbus Bundle. Carenado - A36 Bonanza XP. Airport Frankfurt-Hahn XP. German Airports 2 - Dortmund. FS Flight Keeper 3. Aerosoft A professional. Carenado - F50 XP CRJ XP. King Air Boeing Professional Global Package. Boeing Dreamliner XP Embraer E v2. Air Hauler 2 for XPlane 11 Windows. Challenger v2 - Captain Edition XP

descargar atr 42 500 para fsx tweaks
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