descargar video de apocalipto yucateco

Descargar video de apocalipto yucateco

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Descargar video de apocalipto yucateco

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Comments 6. С Нами Бог! The film filled with naturalistic scenes, takes place at the end of the XV century Yucatan, sunset on the pre-Columbian era. All the dialogues in the film - in the Yucatec language The film begins in the jungle, where a group of forest tribe of Indians to hunt successfully wild animals and at the same time meets the refugees who fled their homeland.

In a small village in the jungle, where he lives a tribe of young hunter named Jaguar Paw, attack hunters people.

Jaguar Paw manages to hide his pregnant wife and young son Seven, let them down by a rope into a deep natural failure cenote. The invaders are ruining the village and take away the remaining alive in captivity.

On the return journey they meet a girl, the last survivors of the settlement, where all were killed by the epidemic. Girl wants to ask for help, but the soldiers push her, not letting approach. It foretells their death and destruction of their world.

The prisoners were brought into the Maya city where women, in addition to the old women, sold into slavery, and men are going to sacrifice. The rulers of the Mayan city in anticipation of the solar eclipse On the pyramid around which gathered crowds of city dwellers, the priests bring the captives to sacrifice to the god Kukulcan. Victims rip his chest, taking more beating heart, and then cut off his head and shed blood bubbling over body on the steps of the pyramid.

When the turn of Jaguar Paw, a solar eclipse begins, leading residents to confusion. High Priest, knowing the nature of the phenomenon, according to residents, that Kukulkan quite satisfied with the victims, and the sun will come back right now. After a few minutes the sun returns, residents are coming into a religious ecstasy. The High Priest gives the victims failed to soldiers and tells them to get rid of them.

Jaguar Paw and his fellow survivors lead the field, behind which starts corn thicket. The hijackers released them in pairs, ordering to run across the field and toss to running spears and rocks, shoot arrows.

Running until the end of the field may disappear in the bush. Wounded Paw Jaguar kills the son of the leader of the group of pursuers who seek defeated fugitives and hiding in thickets.

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descargar video de apocalipto yucateco
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