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Sentry marvel comic descargar juegos

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Sentry marvel comic descargar juegos

Gracias mi amigo si encuentras el resto te lo agradeceria mucho. Publicar un comentario. Jonathan Castrillon says:. Social Profiles. Entradas populares. Andanzas de Patoruzu [Descarga]. Las aventuras del Heroe Argentino, el Indio Patoruzu! Correrias de Patoruzito [Descarga]. Presentamos la version juvenil del Cacique Patoruzu , el joven Patoruzito, que junto a su amigo Isidorito vivira grandes aventuras.

Daredevil: Born Again Completo. Kare Page, el antiguo amor de Matt Murdock, vende a cambio de una dosis de droga la identidad secreta de Daredevil. Este secreto llega hasta Descarga Directa: 28 Days Later.

Daredevil : El Hombre sin Miedo! Mister Fantastic was ordered to kill Iron Man , but was stopped by the Hulk declaring that his return was for justice. Sentry arrived and engaged the Hulk in combat. Robert was no longer holding back, having lost control of his powers while going into battle being in a frail mental state.

After a while, he began to lose control of them. Sentry unleashed forces that nearly destroyed what was left of New York, but ultimately, the battle between the two titans was ended after they burned each other out at the end of the battle. Robert joined his Mighty Avengers teammates as they discovered a Skrull ship that contained past versions of a large group of heroes.

Scared, Robert flew away to Saturn and struggled with his mentality in its ring. When he returned to Earth however, he was no longer the Sentry, but the Void. Robert made his way back to the Watchtower and fended off the powered Skrulls.

Osborn visited the Sentry shortly after the Invasion. Osborn confided in Bob his own mental health problems, and convinced him that there was no Void, that he had created it by denying his own humanity. Osborn offered to help Bob, on the condition that he join his Avengers. He gave him a formula similar to the one that gave him his powers.

Upon confronting the sorceress Morgan le Fay , the Sentry, having been given a complete mandate by Osborn, seemingly killed her by tearing her head off. Afterward, in a confused state, he asked whether what he did was good or bad. He then exploded in a blinding flash of light which also heralded the return of Morgana. Upon reaching Avengers Tower, they were met by a flash of light as the Sentry reappeared alive and well, much to the surprise and worry of his teammates.

Osborn went out to remind Reynolds that there was no Void. Later, he asked the Void to have Robert massacre a cell of Atlantean terrorists who attacked Los Angeles. She held the Void within her while he fled the battlefield. However, she failed to contain the Void, who chased Robert. Somehow, he managed to escape his dark persona. But when he returned to his Watchtower, he found Lindy holding a ray gun to his face.

She had grown terrified of him since his refusal to let her go and shot him. Returning to life, under the Void persona, Reynolds prepared to kill Lindy. Robert and the Void battled each other, the former reminding the Void of their deal.

Robert fought Void in order to keep him from killing Lindy. In a desperate attempt, Robert flew as fast as he could out of the Watchtower, and into space, heading for the Sun.

Robert then tried to kill himself by flying into the sun, but it did not work. The Void guided Robert back to Earth, convincing Robert on the way that everything he did was a failure, and that he should just give the Void control, because everything he did was a success.

Robert then let go of his control. The Void was later seen hovering near Avengers Tower using tendrils to attack the ground. Norman Osborn confronted the Void, who confirmed that he was in control of the Sentry. Osborn promised him that world, and told the Void to follow his orders. The Void complied. Taken over by the Void. Following a short skirmish where the Sentry had the upper hand, he ripped Ares in half from head to toe to the shock of everyone on the battlefield.

Osborn then sent the Sentry to battle Thor. Sentry gained the advantage in his fight against Thor, until Norman Osborn lost control and begged the Void to bring down Asgard. As he released Thor who watched in terror, the Sentry turned Asgard into rubble. The Void, now in full control, began to attack the remaining heroes, who were eventually greatly empowered through the intervention of Loki using the Norn Stones.

After a relentless assault against him, the Void killed Loki to prevent him from further using the stones. The resulting explosion caused the Void to revert to Robert Reynolds. After pleading for his death, Bob turned back into the Void and was swiftly killed by Thor.

When the Avengers Unity Division arrived in the Apocalypse Ark within the shrunken Akkaba Nebula, Sentry took Thor by surprise and the two of them started to fight in the planet covered by green lava known as Tyconria. After causing devastation around the planet and its inhabitants, Sentry managed to temporarily subdue Thor and went towards the Tachyon Dam of the Twins where he was confronted by Wasp , and later also by a returned Thor. During the fight Thor, whose consciousness returned from the future where the Apocalypse Twins won, tried to convince Sentry of helping them to save the Earth from destruction as secretly planned by the Twins.

Learning this, Sentry, full of madness but still thinking of himself as the protector of mankind, agreed to help stopping Exitar the Executioner but not before deciding that he would be the destruction of these "cancerous" mutants. The Sentry proceeded to wander among the stars, trying to find a way to die.

After locking the Void back at the Sanctum Sanctorum , the Sentry confronted Strange for releasing the Void and, disappointed by his actions, Bob warned Stephen to never contact him again. Using a device called the Confluctor , Bob gained the ability to access the pocket universe Doctor Strange had set up inside his mind. In this " Sentry World ," Bob could freely act as the Sentry, without risking the Void manifesting in the real world. By day, he trudged through a mundane life as Bob Reynolds, and each night he used the Confluctor to become the Sentry and fight crime with the Sentry Family: Scout , Sentress and Watchdog.

In order to keep the Void at bay, Bob needed to return to Sentry World once every 24 hours. After returning from the Sentry World, Bob discovered that the Confluctor had been stolen, and that someone had entered the Sentry World and killed Scout. Struggling to understand his new state of self, the Sentry returned to Earth to ponder about it.

While meditating, he unintentionally started to warp reality around himself, engulfing the entire town of Pawhuska in a field of bad energy that attacked whoever entered it both physically through monsters and mentally through vivid illusions. Said energy was eventually detected by Black Panther and the Agents of Wakanda , who went on to investigate it. Ashamed by his own actions, the Sentry fled. Merged with the Silver Surfer.

Soon after, the Sentry went after Mister Fantastic and begged him to set him free of the Void forever. After extensive tests, Richards discovered there was no way to separate the Sentry from the Void under the laws of their universe, so he sent him to the Negative Zone in the hopes that he would succeed there.

The Void fled, stranding Bob in the Negative Zone until the Silver Surfer found him weeks later and merged with him in order to defeat the Void, who became the apparent leader of the Cancerverse forces in the meantime and was leading an invasion through the Negative Zone. The merged Sentry then killed Nova, thus ending the scourge and closing the rift.

While all the other heroes returned to the Positive Zone, the Sentry remained behind to watch over the universe he almost killed. The experimental serum granted him photokinetic based powers, essentially being fueled by the sun itself. His various powers seem to be based in molecule manipulation or reality warping, all stemming from his base solar charged body. He is so powerful that Karla Sofen theorized in front of Norman Osborn that what happened after Scarlet Witch broke down would be nothing compared to what Sentry could do.

Following his return latter on, the Sentry finally accept his dark self, the Void and merge with the entity, creating a being far more powerful than all his past incarnations, when considering all the impressive feat throughout the Sentry and the Void lifetime of struggle, the all-new merged Sentry can be said to be arguably the most powerful superhuman on Earth. Genius Intelligence : Robert is very intelligent. He is capable of using his powers to detect all substances in a single object and thence determine how much of what substances make up an object.

He is adept with mechanics, architecture, machinery, tracing energy sources, cybernetics, robotics and computer science. He used his great intelligence to construct his Watchtower as well as everything inside of it. Once he collected the right amounts of the different substances he needed, he would then forge them into the materials and technology he needed.

Due to his condition , Robert suffers from many weaknesses:. He suffers from one if not several mental illnesses real and fictional. The Agoraphobia makes Sentry fear releasing his full power as he stated if he lost control even for a millisecond, there would be dangerous consequences.

As Robert is an Agoraphobic, this lead him to fly away to escape. CLOC , an artificial intelligence designed to monitor the world for emergencies and inform Sentry of the most important ones. It is also used to inform Robert of things such as how Lindy is at any given time.

sentry marvel comic descargar juegos
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