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Descargar brave fencer musashi 2

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Descargar brave fencer musashi 2

In the city of Antheum, carried by a magical beast called Anthedon a large skybound whale , young Princess Mycella prays in the mystic Chamber of Rites to summon a hero who will save her world from the growing threat posed by Gandrake Enterprises. However, Rothschild interrupts the ritual, which causes the summoned hero — Musashi — to land just a bit off course. Once Musashi is ready, Master Mew sends him into the heart of evil Gandrake Enterprises to rescue the captured Princess and thereby save the world.

To stop Gandrake, and ensure that he can return to his world, Musashi goes in search of the five Maidens that protect the five magic swords that have been lost in order to restore power to a mythical creature known as the Anthedon, which houses the city of Antheum. After destroying the ancient evil, rescuing the maidens and collecting their swords, and saving the princess from Gandrake, Musashi is able to return to his world.

Musashi: Samurai Legend sold almost 58, copies during the week of its release in Japan. The game received mixed reviews overall from critics. The graphics were generally praised, but criticized for inconsistent frame rates: IGN called the "manga-shading" style "a neat trick", and GameSpot noted that it was a unique visual style, but both criticized the frequent slow-downs and IGN further criticized the repetitive environments. The gameplay also received mixed reviews: while several reviewers, such as GameSpy and GamePro, praised the gameplay as fun and exciting, GameSpot found combat to be too easy, making most of the gameplay elements pointless as basic attacks were enough to win most battles.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved January 25, As mentioned in previous interviews, the game [Birth by Sleep] is being developed in Osaka by the same team that developed Musashi Samurai Legend and Re: Chain of Memories. A review knotch on the belt once again. A departure for Square and company as Brave Fencer takes the action rpg route. And it was a great decision on their part Musashi was one of my first games on Playstation 1, and I loved it right away.

This game is just pure fun, from start to finish. I kept it all of these years because I still seem to open the case up and play it once in a while. This review is to t Graphics and gameplay In my opinion the graphics were pretty good for its time, and even now there not as bad as some games of its generation. The gameplay was amazing for its day, and is still fairly good now. The things I found wrong with this game are-they need more sidequests other than the finding One of my all time favorite games.

Next Generation reviewed the PlayStation version of the game, rating it three stars out of five, and stated that "At the heart of Brave Fencer is an engaging and challenging if somewhat simple journey with some very clever features and an endearing cast.

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descargar brave fencer musashi 2
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