descargar custom map kino der toten secrets

Descargar custom map kino der toten secrets

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Descargar custom map kino der toten secrets

Breach Zombie Defense. Bridge Of The Dead. Bunker Burger King Christmas. Burgschool Zombies. Buried 2. Buro Der Toten. Cabin Fever Defense. Cabin Fever Non Defense. CalaKer Zombies.

Camping Paradis. Candy Cane Death Drop Zombies. Cheese Cube. Cheese Cube Unlimited V1. Cheesecube Recheesed X2. Chez Moi. Christmas Defense. Topic Archived Page 1 of 2 Last. Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts.

User Info: Tauquito. User Info: neo revolution. If you read this, then you must now go out and support a random game. GamerTag: Ophiotaurus. User Info: MKScorpion In the dressing room, if no one else is around you including your teammates or zombies you can hear something making a sound in one of the luggages. Never heard of it. User Info: FighterOfFire. That sounds incredibly fake. User Info: Planeteer But there are 3 films total and you can play them on the Projector by just holding X and a video shows up on the big screen More topics from this board Two Mystery Box spawns are located here.

The Power Switch is located here as well. The power switch is located near the teleporter when the power is activated a new form of zombie appears " Nova Crawlers ". The only Teleporter is located on the stage and must be linked to the mainframe in the main lobby every time before being used.

With this teleporter, the player can teleport to the projector room, above the theater. Zombies spawn from the four windows in this large room and from numerous places on the ceiling and balconies. The podium on center stage has a Turret which can be activated for points and runs for approximately 30 seconds. This room is only accessible via the Teleporter on the Stage.

The room is directly above the main floor entryway and is the projection room for the Theater. This room is the only source of purchasable Grenades. The projector can be loaded with various film reels found in the random rooms. The film reels will project images on the theater screen, some will contain audio difficult to hear over the screams of the undead. After 30 seconds, the player will be teleported out of the room, a clock on the back wall shows how much time the player s have left.

There is a possibility one will be teleported into a random room see below for a few seconds and then always back to the Mainframe in the lobby.

Note that all the zombies that previously gathered in front of the theater now run to the Mainframe, so it is not wise to run near the theater immediately. It is recommended to get points before the teleporting, as it is advised to teleport in this room only to upgrade a weapon. This is the only area in the map not accessible to zombies. Upon taking the teleporter back from the Pack-A-Punch room, the player may enter one of these rooms for about five seconds.

They sometimes contain a power up. Also sometimes a film reel will appear in the rooms. There is also a room that looks like a dentists with a chair and large lights surrounding it. A tooth drill can be heard nearby. If the player uses noclip PC version only , one can see exactly the same chair that Mason sits in along with the same blood splatter. The film reel is sometimes on the table by the chair or counters. Another room is a conference room, resembling a room from the map "Five".

The film reel in this room is on the table in the middle of the room or on the projector cart on the tray below. There is also a miniature rocket on the table, just like the one in " Executive Order " and Ascension , which can be launched by pressing the action button near it. There also is a picture of Richard Nixon on the desk and a vending machine in the room.

This room contains a bed with a Monkey Bomb on it, an open toy chest in the corner that resembles the Mystery Box, a chess table with a Teddy Bear sitting in front of it, a smaller table with a teddy sitting on a chair in front of it, along with the four Perk-a-Cola bottles on top set up like a tea party and a wood carving of Der Riese with Dempsey, Nikolai, Takeo and Richtofen on top of it as little dolls and a Teddy Bear standing over them nearby.

This room is moderately disturbing as it takes place in a very subtle environment, yet it still brings unpleasant eeriness to the room. Samantha can be heard laughing and giggling along with other eerie voices whispering, and a can of beans in the corner, children singing and a voice calling for her.

A destroyed version of this room is also available to view in the level. The film reel is on the chess table, bed or window sill. The room brings a more disturbing and frightening touch to the once lonely and slightly disturbing room. The film reel sometimes is on the bed or standing up on the over turned table as if glued there then knocked over.

Occasionally, a power-up is available when the player is teleported into the room. The map has been designed to look very high quality while still maintaining the look and feel of the original. Differences include new better Zombies artificial intelligence, and futuristic Black Ops III -era weapons are now available in the Mystery Box and the walls instead of the Cold War weapons although some do return in the box , as well as the original wonder weapons.

Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Contents [ show ]. The Der Riese model. The alternate version of the Kino der Toten loading screen from the fourth issue of the Zombies comicbook series. A view of the stage in Call of Duty: Black Ops. A horde of zombies in Call of Duty: Black Ops.

M67 Grenade. RK5 if A Better Tomorrow has been completed. Fragmentation Grenades. Olympia - points. M14 - points. PM63 - points. MPL - points.

MP5k - points. AK74u - points.

descargar custom map kino der toten secrets
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