eskorbuto eskizofrenia album descargar itunes

Eskorbuto eskizofrenia album descargar itunes

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Eskorbuto eskizofrenia album descargar itunes

This unoffical release was pressed on Moonie Records and contains eight rare 7inches from the early years of punk by bands from Europe and Overseas. Meanwhile, the songs are almost everywhere in the www to find but the records barely.

The selection is not bad, a solid mix of mid-tempo punk and a bit hard stuff and I like it. How many copies exist is unknown and unfortunately no information or scans with it and if someone has I would be grateful for an email. Overall, a decent record that I would buy. Sunday, 20 December R. To linger in southern Europe we meet R.

Originally founded as Double Zero in by the Bolinaga brothers, joined with Portu as first singer. Then in Mallabi comes as fixed singer and so continued for two years doing various shows.

In , they released their only album No Te Muevas! Soon after, they separated in because of internal differences, but occasionally met, as happened in to the surprise of many, a music festival organized by Arrasate Press, in the town of Mondragon. In February , unexpectedly died bassist Portu. He was replaced by his brother Xabi, who was commissioned to play concerts until the breakup of the band.

Later, he joined the group Gatillazo. More songs were released on various compilations. November 15, , died Yul Bolinaga former guitarist , when collapsing on stage during a concert with The Potes.

They release mainly Basque music groups works, but they have also released works by bands from U. La Tribu - A. Skuaters - M. Labels: Compilation , Spain. This afternoon starts the new soccer season of the Eintracht with a friendly match versus a Spanish club: Celta Vigo. Perfect time to watch the Iberian peninsula and visit Bilbao in the Basque country. There were formed in the 80s Zer-Bizio?

Their songs are a decent mix of punk, ska and rock. The lyrics are characterized by aggressiveness and personal frustrations, sexual and psychological transgression, social, political commitment, personal and political violence speak; letters with cuts simplistic nature and rebellious adolescence. Today is again Sunday and I have only this one for regeneration. Make something beautiful today and enjoy sixty minutes of classics! Kaos - NO! Genocidio - MG Anti-Politica - R. Labels: Compilation , Spain , Tape.

I think, many of you need no further words and click the fuck away. Maroto - KGB I finish the month of March with this pretty compilation of bands from Spain. In this country, we were happy to host and I can recommend anyone to visit this land.

Guernika - TNT. Miedo - PVP. Mucha policia, poca diversion 8. Ratas rabiosas 9. La increible vida de un ser vulgar Sociedad insociable Mi degeneracion Enterrado vivo ETA censurada. Tracklist A la mierda el Pais Vasco Maldito pais Mierda, mierda, mierda Escupe a las banderas Dios, patria, rey Ratas en Bizkaia Criaturas al poder Mucha policia, poca diversion Rogad a Dios por sus almas Ratas en Bizkaia 2. Dios, Patria, Rey 3. A la Mierda el Pais Vasco 4. Soldados 5. Mi Degeneracion 6.

Enterrado Vivo 7. Mucha Policia, Poca Diversion 8. Album, , Twin Records. Ratas rabiosas Cualquier lugar El exterminio de la raza del mono Antes de las guerras Oh, no! Nadie es inocente Busco en la basura Eskizofrenia Ratas en Bizkaia. Album, , Discos Suicidas.

Historia triste De ti depende Es un crimen Anti todo Haciendo bobadas Cuidado Tamara Cerebros destruidos Ha llegado el momento el fin. Live, , Discos Suicidas. Mas alla del cementerio Cuando los dinosaurios dominaban la tierra Ha llegado el momento El fin No quiero cambiar Historia triste. Tracklist 01 - Ya no quedan mas cojones, eskorbuto a las elecciones 02 - Escupe a las banderas 03 - Cuando los dinosaurios dominaban la tierra 04 - La sangre, los polvos, los muertos 05 - Maldito pais 06 - Abajo la ley 07 - Ratas en Bizkaia 08 - Dios, patria, rey 09 - A la mierda el Pais Vasco 10 - Soldados 11 - Mi degeneracion 12 - Enterrado vivo 13 - Mucha policia, poca diversion 14 - Oh no!

A pesar de todo 2. Los demenciales chicos accelerados 3. La cancion del miedo 4. Mucho mas facil 5. Las multitudes son un estorbo 6. Paz, primero la guerra 7. La marcha del siglo XX 8. Jodiendolo todo 9. Tragedia Asesinar la paz Trabajo sucio Con mujeres Hipocritas Ciudad conflictiva El infierno es demasiado dulce Salvelo No es facil.

Album, , Oihuka Records. Rock y violencia 2. Pelos largos, caras enfermas 3. Iros a la mierda 4. Las mas macabras de las vidas 5. Sangre 7. Que corra la sangre 9. Tracklist 01 ya no kedan mas cojones 02 es un crimen 03 os enganan 04 escupe a las banderas 05 antes de las guerras 06 rogad a dios por los muertos 07 mucha policia, poca diversion 08 donde esta el porvenir 09 ratas de vizcaya 10 tamara 11 enterrado vivo 12 cuidado 13 anti-todo 14 no quiero cambiar 15 cerebros destruidos 16 historia triste Album, , Matraka Diskak.

Presagio 3. Cosas de la vida 5. Emborrachate 7. Intolerable 8. En la luna 9. Nueva esperanza La mejor banda del mundo. A pesar de todo La marcha del siglo XX La cancion del miedo Ya no kedan mas cojones, eskorbuto a las elecciones Cerebors destruidos Ratas en Bizcaia

eskorbuto eskizofrenia album descargar itunes
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