la reina del tamarugal descargar play

La reina del tamarugal descargar play

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La reina del tamarugal descargar play

Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. Translate the description back to Spanish Spain Translate. La Biblia del oso refleja la belleza del siglo de oro de la literatura castellana. La Biblia agrada y conforta el alma. Que Dios renazca con la Biblia en todos los corazones humanos.

We are pleased to present the online version of the Bible Bear, Scriptures available to download, read and listen to free. This handy app offers: - Download free Bible and Bear - Listening to your phone it is a version with audio - Use the online and offline app, even if it is not connected to Internet - You can mark and save verses - Create a list and write and add notes - Share or send verses to family and friends on social networks - Enlarge the letter of the text if you have difficulty reading - Activate night mode to rest your eyes when reading at night - Search by keyword - Automatically Back to verse she was reading when you reopen the application Casiodoro version Queen of the sixteenth century marked a milestone in the history as it was the first Spanish translation of the Bible made from the original languages: Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek.

Bear Bible reflects the beauty of the Golden Age of Spanish literature. Cipriano Valera made the first revision of the Bible and its text was the basis for many revisions made over the centuries and bear the name of King James, with its two creators. This version of the Scriptures is called Bear Bible by the illustration on the cover of a bear trying to reach a honeycomb hanging from a tree. Thanks to the application of the Christian Bible you can now read where you are the words of God, the beautiful biblical messages and passages of the Bible that serve as our daily bread.

The Evangelical Bible app features a fresh, modern and friendly design that makes it easy to read Bible verses. Bigger or smaller. If in your reading of the Bible you need to register a biblical text that reinforces your trust in God or want to mark some Christian worship, you only have to select the part of your interest and add notes to review later in the application.

In the same way you can select a biblical verse or psalms of the Bible that you want and share on social networks or place as a State or copy and paste where you need. If you want to remember a particular passage of the Bible or share it later with your friends or family, simply add to Favorites and you will have in one place with easy access all the selections of the Holy Bible you have chosen. Every day, days a year we will be choosing 2 Bible verses to send you.

The selection of verses, psalms and proverbs we do manually thinking of you. Reviews Review Policy. View details. Flag as inappropriate. Visit website.

la reina del tamarugal descargar play
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