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Silent hill 1 iso descargar play

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Silent hill 1 iso descargar play

This is a common problem with 3D games, and it is no different here. You will find yourself bumping into walls, moving in a different direction than you expected, and just having some frustrating problems. This is particularly frustrating because the enemies can be quite destructive, so eluding them is usually a panic-stricken and hasty process. There is nothing worse than trying to run away from an enemy only to go off in some direction that you were not intending to go.

The only reason I am mentioning this now is because it is one of the few problems with the game. I figure I will get the bad out of the way first and then talk about the good. The only other complaint I had about the game was the lack of original enemies to come across. It seemed like areas were populated with the same enemy types. This meant that you were stuck facing off against the same enemies until you located a new area.

Once you located the new area, you would get a new enemy and then you would be stuck against this enemy until you found a new level. This was a bit more minor, but I still found it to be a bit annoying.

Enough with the bad. On with the good. The first thing I found cool about this game was that the lead character is just a normal everyday guy. He is no ex-Marine or Navy Seal. He was never on a police force any place.

He is just an average dad going on vacation with his daughter. Why this is important is because his character and personality show throughout the story. For one thing, he is not a very accurate shot with a gun. This means that you have to wait until the enemies get close before you can shoot them. Another thing is that you get the feeling he is truly scared throughout the adventure, yet it is most important for him to find his daughter.

This gave me a great sense of identity with the character and really made the story more believable. The second thing I really enjoyed about the game was the availability and placement of the resources. What I mean by this is that you will not be full up on ammo and health packs all the time.

It usually works out that you will happen upon your next box of ammo right before or after you run out. You will find a first aid kit when you are near death. It is rare that you have a surplus of any items at any time.

If you do find yourself with extra anything, you can rest assured it will be used soon. Along these same lines, the weapons were all very realistic and believable.

You spend the first half of the game with a knife, pistol and piece of lead pipe. This is all you have to protect your ass with. This was just another element that kept the game entertaining. Finally, the story keeps the game moving.

I found myself getting sucked in and unable to turn the game off just because I could not wait to see what was coming next. Just when you think things could not possibly get more bizarre, they do. Just when you think things cannot get any more intense, they do. The whole atmosphere and story really reminded me of the movie Hellraiser. I just did not know what was going to happen next and I was constantly feeling like things could just not get any weirder.

The final item that needs mentioning about the game is that it contains a lot of puzzles, but I cannot really call this good or bad. Some of the puzzles were just plain simple; others took a little thinking and still others were impossible. There was one puzzle that forced me to look at a strategy guide I hate cheating. Even after I read the solution and looked over the clues, I still do not understand how they came to the solution they did.

That was pretty frustrating. Conversely, there were puzzles I solved that I did not even have to think about. I just solved them by accident. There were some puzzles that were middle-of-the-road.

I may be missing the obvious on the one puzzle, but I still think you should be warned. I was a little let down by the overall look of the game. The graphics were extremely pixelated and grainy. There were quite a few items that blended in with the background that would have added to the overall creepy environment if they were more obvious. As it was, I really had to strain to see them. If I did not look closely, I migght not have seen them at all. They did do a good job of ussing environmental fog to set the mood.

The music in this game is absolutely incredible. I have never heard mood music that fit a game quite as well as this. Normally I do not even comment on the music, but it was such an important part of the overall environment of the game.

I think that it was the music that gave me the shivers more than the game itself. Silent Hill may not be the fastest-paced game in the world, but it is sure an addicting one.

You will find yourself getting sucked into solving the mystery of your missing daughter as well as the mystery of the town. The developers should be commended on their great use of music to enhance the game. Aside from the grainy graphics, imprecise controls and somewhat strange puzzles, this game is pure horror fun. If imitation is the si ncerest form of flattery, the developers of Resident Evil should be blushing after playing Konamis Silent Hill.

But, hell, with so much time between new RE games, someone has to take up the gaming slack, right? The well-designed quest is difficult but intuitive, resulting in a challenging but gripping adventure. Luckily, the conversations are fairly sparse. SHs scares are everywhere. The tension is high throughout the game and gets creepier as you delve deeper and face winged beasts, bald freaks, and devil dogs. The gothic story line and intuitive puzzles are also compelling, which makes SH a nice bridge for RE fens waiting for their next fix.

Just a few flaws short of a masterpiece, Silent Hill is definitely worth a look from horror and adventure fens. You make the call.

Luckily, the graphics score big with a high gore factor while the creepy environments set just the right mood for this gothic horror adventure. The shrill radio warning of incoming nasties and other terrifying sound effects keep you on edge throughout the game. The voice acting is better than the depths charted by Resident Evils, but those dramatic pauses are just plain silly.

Precise movement, analog support A shameless but slick Resident Evil clone, Silent Hill serves up scare after scare, delivering a challenging, nicely designed adventure game with engaging puzzles. Silent Hil features gory monster-mashing and complex puzzle-solving-with more than a touch of mystery. On its surface. Silent Hill looks like a Resident Evil wannabe with dark atmospheric graphics and shockingly gory sequences.

Beyond the games violent exterior, however, is something more: a diinking-mans mystery. The plot in a nutshell: You play as a character named Harry Mason, who, while driving with his daughter past a resort called Silent Hill, wrecks his car to avoid a woman standing in the road.

When Harry comes to, he discovers that his daughter is missing, so he hikes to the fog-covered town to find her. So far, the graphics in Silent Hill convey a creepy mood. The lighting effects are especially effective in this regard as you must search several dark buildings in the game with a flashlight But the flashlight has limited range and can even attract monsters, which forces you to use it carefully and sparingly.

The game uses a third-person view and no pre-rendered backgrounds, so there are no guessing games about whats waiting at the next screen. Plus, high-quality rendered cinemas are intercut into the action scenes to help flesh out the story events. Providing a careful balance of gaming elements, Silent Hill promises to focus more on puzzle solving than kill-or-be-killed action.

You play as Harry Mason, a seriously freaked-out dude who regains consciousness after an automobile accident and discovers his daughter is missing. Sigan asi! Esta mu bien pero la traduccion no esta en castellano ,es latino pancho xd hay una version mejor traducida mas reciente.

Se agradece. Mediafire o Google Drive por ej. Ahora, Silent Hill es un pueblo fantasma brumoso y desolado. Pero esto es solo el principio. El pueblo esconde un escalofriante secreto. Un hombre que busca a su hija, luchando por sobrevivir en un lugar entre la realidad y el infierno.

Un pueblo que esconde oscuros secretos aterradores. Bienvenido a la locura de Silent Hill. Harry Mason, busca a su hija adoptiva, Cheryl Mason. Durante el progreso del juego, el protagonista descubre que Cheryl tiene un pasado perturbador mientras los detalles de su origen son revelados. ArturoVane 27 de octubre de a las Unknown 3 de agosto de a las RYOMA 5 de marzo de a las

silent hill 1 iso descargar play
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