Wedding Bouquet

Displaying In A Glass Display Cabinet

The ideal way to display your silk bouquet is in a glass display cabinet. This works
really well with a picture of your wedding behind the bouquet, so that your flowers
have a backdrop for other people to admire them in their full extent.

Displaying On A Shelf

Another place to display your bouquet is on a shelf. Try and use a high shelf, so that
the bouquet is out of the way – you don’t want people knocking it over! A couple of
small wedding photo’s either side of the bouquet will look great, and will really draw
the eye to the display.

Displaying On A Table

If you have a posy, then you can display it in a vase, on top of a table. Try and use a
table out of the way (A corner table, or dining table maybe), so that the posy doesn’t
get in the way of your everyday routine. If you place blue and white stones at the
bottom of the vase, it will give the impression that the flowers are sitting in water. It
looks spectacular, and is definitely worth a try.

Whichever way you to decide to display your bouquet, there are 4 simple rules you
should pay attention to:

1) Put the silk bouquet in a place where it will draw attention. A well displayed
bouquet makes a great talking point, and will remind you of the happy day every
time you see it.

2) Make sure the bouquet is out of the way. You don’t want to be knocking it over,
or pushing it aside all the time. Perhaps you’ll be careful, but what about your
children, or your pets?

3) KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid. Many people get carried away when setting up their
bouquet display, and add too many photographs and other wedding items. This
makes the display look cluttered, and the bouquet stops being a focal point. You
want the display to be VERY simple, so that eye is drawn to the the bouquet.

4) Be sure to avoid direct sunlight hitting the bouquet. Direct sunlight is very bad
for silk bouquets, and will make them fade and lose their color. Ideally you want
natural room light. If you have your bouquet anywhere near a window, make sure
the sunlight doesn’t directly hit it!